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How to use Japan's Squatty Potty

ShoyuJapanese How to use Japan's Squatty Potty Japanese Style Toilet (aka squatty potty) = washiki toire Western style toilet = youshiki toire 洋式トイレ 4 easy ...

2016-01-27 01:31 2,250 YouTube

How To Use A Japanese Style Toilet - SFW

Having trouble figuring out which way is forward on a Japanese toilet? Wondering what the speaker thing is attached to the wall? Haven't tried yet, but are living ...

2015-02-28 02:03 20,154 YouTube

Learn Japanese Restroom "Washiki Benjo"

Lesson of how to use Japanese Restroom "Washiki Benjo." Be master of Crouching style. "Watch Japan In Motion" ...

2008-09-10 01:13 4,020 YouTube

【紅 ドラム 1.4倍速】X JAPANの紅を1.4倍速で叩いてみた! - X JAPAN - KURENAI - 140% Speed -Drum cover

ダイナ四と申します! X JAPANの紅をドラムで1.4倍速で叩いてみました! 早送りではありません! ダイナ四バンド次回ライブは大阪! 【日程

2017-03-03 03:06 1,105,705 YouTube

G Gundam: Moegare Toushi ima Washiki Shukumei wo Koete

That is the longest title yet. I should have just labeled it: Shining or Burning Finger Theme as everyone knows it as. It's from the second G Gundam soundtrack.

2010-04-14 01:47 12,788 YouTube

Idiot's Guide to Japanese Squat Toilets


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NHK - Japanology Plus: Toilets 日本のトイレ

Toilets in Japan are generally more elaborate than toilets in other developed nations. There are two styles of toilets commonly found in Japan; the oldest type ...

2017-05-2228:03 20 Dailymotion