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Samsung La46d550k1r

Samsung LCD TV Repair - Identifying Samsung T-Con Board Part Numbers - How to Fix Samsung LCD TVs

LCD TV Repair Part Numbers Identification Samsung T-Con Boards CLICK HERE to Find Your T-Con Boards: ...

2012-07-26 04:06 183,592 YouTube

Samsung Monitors - Basic Stand Removal

Aumenta la repercusiĆ³n de tus redes sociales Properly removing the stand from your Samsung monitor can help avoid damage during the ...

2016-11-28 00:59 3,857 YouTube

SAMSUNG series 5 TV's problem with easiest and quickest solution ever

SAMSUNG series 5 TV's problem with quick fixing this is the most SAMSUNG TV's problem and how to fix that kind of problem... one problem including ...

2011-01-20 03:02 49,409 YouTube

Plasma Tv & DTH HD Connection...

Panasonic Plasma Tv is connected to DTH HD service,and the set top box puts out a signal of 1080i @ 60Hz.The picture quality is brilliant and very nice.

2011-05-21 05:13 2,751 YouTube