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Structure of a Mule - Differences Between Mules and Horses | Steve Edwards

To learn more about Steve Edwards, how to properly train your mule including building a foundation and communication (which is everything when working with ...

2015-12-17 01:49 21,668 YouTube

Why Can't Mules Have Babies?

Thanks to The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring this video. You can start your subscription with a free one-month trial today by visiting ...

2016-08-23 03:06 2,140,995 YouTube

Mule gets very loud when upset

lol when he gets mad he screams very loud !dont take his buddy out of the pen lol.

2016-08-21 01:17 25,323 YouTube

Mules like you've never seen them

Dressage, jumping, reining, roping, driving ... mules do it all, and sometimes better than horses. You decide as Rick takes you to America's biggest mule show, ...

2014-11-14 25:01 314,868 YouTube

Mule Trainer (Texas Country Reporter)

Got a stubborn mule? Well Paul Garrison's the guy to go to. Paul Garrison Garrison Mulemanship and Training Medina, TX Phone: 830-796-5805 Website: ...

2016-12-23 06:56 19,075 YouTube

M a r c o A s e n s i o S u p e r G o a l H D


2017-08-1600:14 251,632 Dailymotion

K a r i m B e n z e m a S u p e r G o a l H D


2017-08-1600:18 99,978 Dailymotion

K y l i a n M b a p p e S u p e r G o a l H D


2017-09-0800:23 60,923 Dailymotion

R o m e l u L u k a k u G o a l H D


2017-08-0800:19 58,321 Dailymotion

D r i e s M e r t e n s S u p e r G o a l H D


2017-08-1600:16 32,916 Dailymotion