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LG 42LV4400-UA 42" LED TV main board replacement - fix for no power (red light, no blue light)

If you have the problem of your LG 42LV4400 LED TV not powering on, and all you get is the red light indicating that it's plugged in and no blue light or screen ...

2013-01-12 07:39 204,936 YouTube

LCD TV Repair Tutorial - How to Replace the Backlight Inverter Board in LG & Philips LCD TVs

Philips TV Repair Flickering Image On TV Screen-How to Replace Backlight Inverter Click Here to BUY TV REPAIR PARTS: Find LG ...

2012-12-31 02:30 59,939 YouTube

How to Reset LG TV to factory settings with your smartphone

How to Reset LG TV to factory settings with your smartphone. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S4 IR blaster with app AnyMote Universal Remote ...

2016-08-25 01:11 123,664 YouTube

LG TV Repair Black Screen and Blinking Power Light

Getting in the tv and trying to fix it. Most of the time when this problem happens it is a blown cap. This tv did not have blown caps so i just re-flowed the solder and ...

2012-05-10 11:13 466,376 YouTube

how to open a LG tv

here is a video for everyone who think its hard to close the tv.

2011-12-04 00:07 9,112 YouTube

The Smartest Baby in the World / LG Smart TV


2013-05-1402:50 69,554 Dailymotion

LG Cinema 3D TV Örnek Demo 3D Video - Legends of Flight.mp4

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2015-09-0902:15 864 Dailymotion

TV OLED souple recto verso présentée par LG à Berlin

LG a présenté lors du salon de l'électronique IFA à Berlin, un écran OLED souple de grande taille recto verso qui annonce sans doute l'avenir des écrans. ...

2015-09-1200:29 31,566 Dailymotion

LG G2 HDMI bluetooth gamepad 40' Full HD TV Reas


2017-06-0103:06 660 Dailymotion

LG G2 Hd 40' Full HD TV Rayman Adventures


2017-06-0104:39 732 Dailymotion