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Lg 22ln4055 Tv

Universal pcb in LG 22LN4055

sanjeet singh 7808926739.

2017-03-19 01:15 1,855 YouTube

TV, lg con imagen de cabeza solución rápida, fallas comunes

Aprender a resolver un problema muy común en los televisores LG. La imagen o las imágenes se muestra a la inversa, es decir, al revés. En el vídeo, enseño a ...

2016-11-24 10:42 66,536 YouTube

LG LCD LED Tv main board removing smd chip

How to removed main SMD chip in just few seconds.

2016-04-10 01:32 6,050 YouTube

LG TV Service Menu (EZ-ADJUST) Tool Option Values

LG TV Service Menu/Mode (EZ-ADJUST) Tool Options values. How to enter Service Menu : Be very careful while playing with these ...

2017-01-01 01:33 69,904 YouTube

LG TV Repair Black Screen and Blinking Power Light

Getting in the tv and trying to fix it. Most of the time when this problem happens it is a blown cap. This tv did not have blown caps so i just re-flowed the solder and ...

2012-05-10 11:13 466,661 YouTube

The Smartest Baby in the World / LG Smart TV


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LG Cinema 3D TV Örnek Demo 3D Video - Legends of Flight.mp4

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2015-09-0902:15 864 Dailymotion

TV OLED souple recto verso présentée par LG à Berlin

LG a présenté lors du salon de l'électronique IFA à Berlin, un écran OLED souple de grande taille recto verso qui annonce sans doute l'avenir des écrans. ...

2015-09-1200:29 31,569 Dailymotion

LG G2 Hd 40' Full HD TV Rayman Adventures


2017-06-0104:39 732 Dailymotion

LG G2 HDMI bluetooth gamepad 40' Full HD TV Reas


2017-06-0103:06 660 Dailymotion