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2008-01-27 05:00 19,568,142 YouTube

Why Did Paul Manafort Need to Get to Trump? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Paul Manafort ran Trump's campaign. He worked for free. Why? CONNECT WITH GQ Web: Twitter: ...

2017-10-19 07:01 180,698 YouTube

Jackie Chan Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram | Actually Me | GQ

On this episode of "Actually Me," Jackie Chan goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and more.

2017-10-18 05:34 71,917 YouTube

Tattoo Artists Critique Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ

We asked the hosts of Spike TV's Ink Master to review and critique celebrity tattoos. From Justin Bieber's tattoos and Chris Brown's, to Rihanna's tattoos and ...

2017-06-26 05:47 8,522,301 YouTube

Donald Trump is the Harvey Weinstein of Washington | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

The disgraced movie mogul was finally forced to flee to country. Trump should be next. CONNECT WITH GQ Web: Twitter: ...

2017-10-16 05:28 178,939 YouTube

Comment plier et ranger sa veste | En mode GQ

Le voyage forme la jeunesse mais froisse les costumes. GQ vous montre comment ranger votre veste pour qu’elle ne fasse pas un pli même lors d’un vol transa...

2016-10-1701:13 36,111 Dailymotion

Les Hommes de l’année 2016 | GQ

Chacun à leur manière, ils ont marqué l’année avec style et élégance. Découvrez le palmarès des Hommes de l’année 2016....

2016-11-2302:04 45,374 Dailymotion

Cara Delevingne est la bombe GQ du mois


2017-07-2700:43 14,311 Dailymotion

Watch Selena Gomez Take GQ Through Her World-Famous Instagrams

Pulling back the curtain on the world's most popular account....

2016-04-1503:27 244,759 Dailymotion

Naked Julia Louis Dreyfus hooks up with clown for GQ

53-year-old actress Julia Louis Dreyfus cannot seem to keep her clothes on, stripping naked for the May issue of GQ Magazine, out April 29, while getting freaky...

2014-04-2401:09 198,159 Dailymotion