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Small island of Dominica hit hardest by Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria has killed at least 33 people so far, with the bulk of those deaths happening on the tiny island of Dominica. At least 80 percent of the buildings ...

2017-09-25 03:05 52,831 YouTube

Dominica - Relief, Recovery, Rebuilding

A little over three weeks after Dominica was hit by the full-force of category 5 Hurricane Maria, the country is preparing for a shift from relief to recovery. A major ...

2017-10-10 09:38 5,344 YouTube

Geography Now! Dominica

No. This is not the Dominican Republic. That's the next episode. Still watch this one though! It's got purple birds, bubbling beaches, boiling lakes and super old ...

2016-06-29 09:03 312,205 YouTube

Dominica: The Nature Island (4K) (Mavic Pro)

An overview of the country of Dominica. A charity, Feed My Sheep located in Mahaut, allowed us to film and provided guides for us to view the island. Sights in ...

2017-01-21 32:42 36,063 YouTube

Scenes from Dominica

A look at Dominica just over a week after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

2017-09-28 04:14 16,665 YouTube



2017-03-2201:30 2,859 Dailymotion

Lovely Dominica

Lovely Dominica...

2015-07-2703:01 26 Dailymotion

Titou Gorge - Dominica

Titou Gorge - Dominica...

2015-08-1207:15 44 Dailymotion

J79XBI Dominica Island. From

Seth, SM0XBI will be active from Dominica Island (IOTA NA-101) until 27 March 2017 as J79XBI.

2016-11-1900:36 1 Dailymotion

J79XE Dominica Island. From

Howard, WB4WXE will be active from Dominica Island (IOTA NA-101) 29 June - 10 July 2015 as J79XE.

2015-06-2800:47 12 Dailymotion