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Corsair Cmfsl3b 128 Gb Utility

Corsair Flash Voyager Slider 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (CMFSL3B-256GB) Quick Review

Visit Performance meets convenience and value Flash Voyager Slider offers USB 3.0 speed and a convenient one-piece design for a ...

2015-03-13 01:42 530 YouTube

Corsair's voyager slider USB flash drive issue / can't read hardware issue

I bought this new 64gb drive and occasionally it starts malfunction at first , I thought it was a Mac/ pc issue but turns out no. The clicking sound in the video is a ...

2016-12-15 00:39 99 YouTube

Quick Look: Lexar JumpDrive P20 USB Flash Drive

Short overview of a LEXAR JumpDrive P20 bought around 2016. This Lexar P20 is the 64 GB version. Scale is in grams. Scale never calibrated or checked for ...

2016-04-24 00:33 333 YouTube

256GB USB Flash Drive Deleted Photos Recovery Software

Restore deleted or lost photos from 256GB pen drive by using specialized photo recovery mode “photo search” in DDR Professional Data Recovery Software.

2015-06-04 01:18 26 YouTube