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Choi Ji Ho

Choi JinHo - Elephant

Choi Jinho sang Song called Elephant and shook the hearts of the audiences and panels. His soulful and sorrow voice catch the heart of the crowds even shock ...

2017-03-23 04:32 8,367 YouTube

choi jin-ho - Hard Carry (GOT7'S)

CJH sang Got7's song hard carry in acoustics versions. his soulful voice make the song more better than original ( My thought only) .

2017-03-24 01:06 17,876 YouTube

Choi JinHo -The Blower`s Daughter

Choi JinHo sang The Blower's daughter as his encore stage for i can see your voice season 4. His soulful and sorrow voice catch the heart of the crowds.

2017-03-23 02:00 13,441 YouTube

Haze moon - Elephant(cover)

Haze moon - Elephant(Damien Rice cover)

2017-03-23 04:29 67,892 YouTube

16 Choi Ji-Woo Korean Dramas That You Must Watch Now!

Wanna know about Choi Ji Woo? Check out the list of her top korean dramas!

2017-03-26 04:24 34,905 YouTube

Cantonese【Promo 2 (HK) Emergency Couple 응급남녀】13/8 Choi Jin-hyuk Song Ji-hyo 최진혁 송지효

Cantonese【Promo 2 (HK) Emergency Couple 응급남녀 急診男女】 Choi Jin-hyuk Song Ji-hyo 최진혁 송지효 20140813 Cr.tvb...

2014-08-1500:30 2,013 Dailymotion

[NEW] Woman with a Suitcase Preview - Choi Ji-woo, '캐리어를 끄는 여자' 티저 - 최지우 Emissora: MBC • Episódios: 20 • Duração: 70 min. Cha Geum-Joo trabalha como gerente no escritório de ...

2016-09-2100:37 511 Dailymotion

Woman With a Suitcase - Trailer | Choi Ji Woo & Joo Jin Mo 2016 Korean Drama É possível levar a vida tendo “quase tudo”? Cha Geum Joo (Choi Ji Woo) é u...

2016-12-0300:31 62 Dailymotion

7 First Kisses (ENG) #1 Choi Ji Woo -Her Present-

Web-drama "7 first kisses" episode 1...

2016-12-2209:38 39 Dailymotion

Yoon Sang Hyun 尹相鉉 윤상현 & Choi Ji Woo 崔智友 최지우-"Can't Lose" Promotion(Chi-subbed)

Yoon Sang Hyun 尹相鉉 윤상현 & Choi Ji Woo 崔智友 최지우 on TV Show 2012.09.03 for promotion of the broadcast of "Can't Lose" (Chi-subbed).Chinese t...

2012-09-0401:15 3,889 Dailymotion