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Amateur Chef Vs. Professional Chef: Hangover Foods

Can an amateur chef beat a professional chef in a cooking challenge? Credits: Check out more awesome videos ...

2017-10-14 09:01 2,104,421 YouTube

Top Chef Jr: Extended Trailer | Universal Kids

Watch episode 1 now! Things are heating up in the Top Chef Junior kitchen! Join our young chefs as they battle it out in explosive ...

2017-10-17 01:34 357,077 YouTube

Kamal's Eating Style & Rajini's Favorite Food | Chef Venkatesh Bhat Reveals Part 2 | MT 78

In this episode of Madaithiranthu with Avudaiappan , Venkatesh Bhat, CEO of Accord Hotels and Resorts shared his experience in career so far, how he gets ...

2017-10-19 29:00 114,451 YouTube

El chef José Andrés entrega más de un millón de comidas en Puerto Rico

Tras el paso del devastador huracán María en Puerto Rico, las paellas, sándwiches y platos de pasta del chef español llegaron a buena parte de la isla.

2017-10-21 00:40 371 YouTube

Yaxell Enso Nakiri vs Chef Knife Food Cut Demo + Review

A food cutting demo of the Yaxell Enso nakiri and chef knife. Both amazing performing knives. See them pushing cutting, rocking, and slicing food ingredients.

2017-10-21 55:37 2,252 YouTube

Master Chef Junior cap 11-pt1


2016-05-2333:48 2,062 Dailymotion

Amazing cooking skills _ Master chef talent-TdzXHen


2017-05-1000:32 865 Dailymotion

Amazing cooking skills _ Master chef talent-T


2017-05-0200:19 529 Dailymotion

La joie d'Antonio Conte après le chef d'oeuvre d'Hazard !

La joie d'Antonio Conte après le chef d'oeuvre d'Hazard !...

2017-02-0500:13 519,166 Dailymotion