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Best Daym Takeout


BEST DAYM TAKEOUT TELEVISION SHOW PREVIEW !!! Watch the Chicago Episode here: 2nd Best ...

2013-07-16 02:07 75,134 YouTube

Spotlight: Shake Shack Review With Daym Drops of "Best Daym Takeout"

YouTube sensation Daymon "Daym" Patterson just got his own show on Travel Channel called Best Daym Takeout, which premiered last week. We sat down ...

2013-08-07 03:50 66,754 YouTube

"Best Daym Takeout" With Daymond Patterson

Morgahn chats with YouTube sensation, Daymon "Daym" Patterson, about his new show "Best Daym Takeout" on the Travel Channel. Daymon travels around ...

2013-07-30 03:24 3,077 YouTube

Best Daym Takeout | Travel Channel Asia

Visit for more info. Join Connecticut-based Daymon “Daym” Patterson as he travels to various cities across the country in search of the ...

2016-09-07 00:31 489 YouTube

CT man's 'Best Daym Takeout' on Travel Channel

Connecticut's own Daymon Patterson has a new show, "Best Daym Takeout," debuting on the Travel Channel July 31st.

2013-07-26 01:59 1,176 YouTube

CT man's 'Best Daym Takeout' on Travel Channel


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Daym Drops Sonic Triple Bacon Pretzel Cheeseburger Review

If you enjoyed this review, thumbs up & subscribe. I HAD to run through Sonic and flavor up that new Pretzel Triple Bacon Cheeseburger B! So I put together .\r\...

2016-01-0109:09 16 Dailymotion

Daym Drops Arbys Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich (Review) #TeamDaym

Daym Drops Reviews Arbys New Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich #TeamDaym.\r\r\r\rFood, Restaurant & Beverage Reviews Shoutout Daym Drops. #TeamDaym.\r\r\r\rArbys new ...

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Daym y sus amigas locas(28)

Daym y sus amigas locas(28)...

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5 [Ecchi] Anime of the Daym down it's just pie


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