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Audrey Totter

Audrey Totter, Rare TV Interview

Film noir legend Audrey Totter, star of such films as "Lady in the Lake," "Tension" and "The Set-Up," discusses her career with cable TV host Skip E. Lowe in this ...

2016-02-24 29:03 4,481 YouTube

Audrey Totter ● A Simple Tribute

Audrey Totter (20 December 1917 - 12 December 2013) Rest in Peace ○ Pay Your Tribute ○ Share Your Thoughts Twitter: ...

2013-12-14 01:36 1,568 YouTube

Tension (1949) Audrey Totter

2016-06-06 01:24 1,079 YouTube

Audrey Totter in TENSION (1949)

Audrey Totter's Claire gives a sucker the brush-off in the 1949 film noir TENSION, directed by John Berry.

2013-12-16 00:17 1,581 YouTube

The Saxon Charm (1948)

Eric Busch, a novelist/playwright, and his wife, Janet, go to New York where he arranges to have Matt Saxon, who has a reputation for ruthlessness, produce his ...

2016-06-13 27:33 35,361 YouTube



2015-01-0303:35 26 Dailymotion

The Bill S05E78 Tottering

The Bill S05E78 Tottering Able and Melvin catch a horse and cart abandoned in a street, a body fitting the description of the driver is found soon after. Hollis...

2017-08-0424:53 36 Dailymotion

Cruisin' Down the River Trailer

A New Yorker inherits an old river boat and decides to turn it into a night club while falling in love with Sally Jane, the granddaughter of his worse enemy....

2017-06-0403:11 5 Dailymotion

Under the Gun Trailer

A convicted racketeer becomes prison trustee when an inmate whom he persuaded to escape is killed....

2017-01-1703:19 1 Dailymotion