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Pastor James Arokiadoss; Number Seven (perfection).wmv

Seven is the number of perfection, are we prepared to wash ourselves seven times, lets hear what Pastor James has to say about the number seven in your life ...

2010-05-02 09:20 33 YouTube

Pastor James Arokiadoss: Perseverance always wins.wmv

Pastor James Arokiadoss says those who persevere always win. Lets hear what he has for us today, be blessed.

2010-05-02 10:06 87 YouTube

Pastor James Arokiadoss- Desperate people

Pastor James Arokiadoss from Calvary Bible Church shares with us on how despearte people behaves.

2010-01-31 08:05 30 YouTube

Pastor James Arokiadoss- Imitators of Christ

Pastor James Arokiadoss from Calvary Bible Church, SE portland, OR.

2010-01-31 09:51 54 YouTube

Pastor James Arokiadoss-Is it good to be desperate?

This is message from Pastor james Arokiadoss from Calvary Bible Church entitled: Is it good to be despearate? Calvary Bible Church, 4124 SE Holgate, ...

2010-01-31 05:47 86 YouTube