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Alfred J Kwak

Alfred Jodokus Kwak - Intro

Intro of the dutch serie.

2008-10-16 01:29 1,240,788 YouTube

Alfred J. Kwak - 1: Alfred comes to live | De eieren

Johan Kwak's longtime friend Henk (mole) is a nice guy. On one spring day, he introduces Johan to Anna, and the two fall in love with each other for ever.

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Alfred J. Kwak - E01 - Hurra, er ist da

Jedes Jahr im Frühling treffen sich Johan, ein stattlicher, wenn auch etwas schüchterner Entenmann, und sein Freund, der Maulwurf Henk, auf einer idyllischen ...

2011-09-27 23:02 364,838 YouTube

Alfred J. Kwak English opening

Alfred J. Kwak was born as the son of Johan Sebastian and Anna Kwak. Some time after his birth, Alfred loses his parents and his brothers and sisters who died ...

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Alfred J. Kwak (Inicio español)

Inicio original en español de la serie clásica de "Alfred J. Kwak." Una serie de 1989. Tema: "Alfred J. Kwak," interpretado por ¿?. Títulos: Español: "Alfred J.

2009-06-20 01:31 182,955 YouTube

Alfred J. Kwak - warum bin ich so fröhlich

alfred j. kwak warum bin ich so fröhlich (Intro)...

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Alfred J. Kwak - Yakusoku Dayo & Pitsche,Patsche,Feder (Opening)

Japanese & German Opening...

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Alfred J. Kwak - E48 - Eine Partie Golf


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Alfred J. Kwak - E42 - Der Drache


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