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Adele De Garde

1909 The Lonely Villa [Mary Pickford, Adele DeGarde]

A gang of thieves lure a man out of his home so that they can rob it and threaten his wife and children. The family barricade themselves in an interior room, but ...

2015-02-01 07:42 85 YouTube

1909 A Drunkard's Reformation [Arthur V. Johnson, Adele DeGarde]

A drinking man arrives home, late and sozzled as usual. His wife reminds him that he promised to take their child to a play. The play proves to be a morality tale ...

2015-02-02 09:28 33 YouTube

1909 The Country Doctor [Kate Bruce, Adele DeGarde]

While caring for his sick daughter, a doctor is called away to the sickbed of a neighbor. He finds the neighbor gravely ill, and ignores his wife's pleas to come ...

2015-02-05 14:03 22 YouTube

Ariana Grande - Focus

Focus (Official Video) Download Now! Share/Stream Ariana on Spotify: ...

2015-10-30 03:45 746,477,060 YouTube

Peter Van Der Veen, bodyguard d'Adele affole le web

Même si le nouvel album d'Adele s'est écoulé à 3,38 millions d'exemplaires en une semaine aux Etats-Unis, les réseaux sociaux n'ont plus d'yeux que pour ...

2015-12-01 00:16 1,791 YouTube

Club 2 : Adèle Gardes et Figaro de Grimaudy


2014-03-1601:13 36 Dailymotion

Club 2 : Adèle Gardes et Java de la Villeneuve


2013-12-2901:05 59 Dailymotion

Le garde du corps d'Adele

2015-11-3000:53 12 Dailymotion

Le garde du corps d'Adèle a conquis le coeur des fans


2015-11-2901:09 474 Dailymotion

Buzz : Le garde du corps d'Adele a conquis le coeur des fans

- Il s'appelle Peter Van der Veen, il est un homme de l'ombre. Mais ça, c'était avant! Le garde du corps de la chanteuse Adele a gagné des milliers de fans e...

2015-11-2901:09 13 Dailymotion