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Adata Ach94 500gu Cbk

Dysk twardy przenośny ADATA Nobility NH92

Dysk twardy przenośny ADATA Nobility NH92, prezentacja wideo.

2010-12-11 00:45 8,800 YouTube

ADATA CH94 Classic HDD Unboxing.

Unboxing ADATA CH94 Classic HDD.

2014-04-16 02:33 3,982 YouTube

ADATA CH94 DashDrive Durable HD650 TOSHIBA MK1059GSM GOO2641A HDD2K11 HDD repair & data recovery Tutorial: how to fix hard drive by swap the PCB board 1. How to find the correct donor board 2. Why the PCB board firmware (BIOS) transfer ...

2015-08-17 08:12 4,456 YouTube