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Abby Dalton

The Television Talk Show: Vicki! pt 5 (Abby Dalton & daughter Kathleen Kinmont)

As we wind down our week long look back at the talk show Vicki!, here is part 5 of the six segment video clip retrospective from Vicki Lawrence's ...

2016-08-15 03:58 4,978 YouTube

PASSWORD 1962-09-23 Abby Dalton & Joey Bishop

Featuring the delightful young actress, featured on the new Joey Bishop Show, and the wonderful comedian and star of television and motion pictures, Joey ...

2016-09-03 26:16 4,264 YouTube

Super Password (October 1984) Abby Dalton & Charles Nelson Reily

Here is an October 1984 episode of Super Password. Julie is the current champion with $30000. Can she add to it? No copyright infringement is intended.

2017-09-03 21:13 830 YouTube

Joey Bishop Show 1963 Joe Besser and Abby Dalton

You probably know Joe Besser best as the last of the Three Stooges. But he had a great career as a solo performer before and after his stint as a Stooge.

2016-11-02 07:45 5,791 YouTube

Super Password (October 1, 1984) Abby Dalton & Charles Nelson Reily

Here is an October 1984 episode of Super Password. It's the second week of the series, and Jeanne and Patricia were tied at $300 when time expired on the last ...

2017-08-02 21:26 1,462 YouTube

$25,000 Pyramid - Abby Dalton

Originally aired: November 25, 1985. Falcon Crest star Abby Dalton plays the winner's circle round for $10,000 with her contestant partner....

2015-08-2202:15 133 Dailymotion

Stay With Me duet (Abby Dalton & Janay Findley)

Stay With Me duet (Abby Dalton & Janay Findley)...

2015-06-0203:50 9 Dailymotion

Stakeout on Dope Street Trailer

Three teens get into the drug business when they discover heroin in a stolen briefcase....

2017-01-1002:41 4 Dailymotion

Cole Younger, Gunfighter Trailer

An outlaw must decide whether to stick his neck out for an innocent man....

2016-12-1702:39 14 Dailymotion

The Plainsman Trailer

Calamity Jane tries to help Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickock stop an Indian war....

2016-12-1002:21 4 Dailymotion