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A C Mahajan

Mr. A C Mahajan Chairman - BCSBI on the importance of compliance rating

A C Mahajan Chairman, The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) speaks on the importance of compliance rating in the banking world and its ...

2017-08-17 02:39 65 YouTube

AC Equivalent Circuit of BJT Amplifier

Analog Electronics: AC Equivalent Model of BJT Amplifier Topics Covered: 1. Why ac equivalent Circuit? 2. How to obtain ac equivalent Circuit? 3. Equivalent ...

2016-07-04 08:21 56,450 YouTube

Common Emitter (CE) Amplifier: How it amplifies the signal???

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2017-05-23 13:48 1,427 YouTube

Webinar: Banking Compliance Outlook for 2017

Banking has changed drastically since 2008. Fast forward to 2017, DFAST, CCAR are some acronyms that come to light which all have to do with Basel, stress ...

2017-01-25 43:39 454 YouTube

Relation between α , β and γ

Analog Electronics: Relation between Alpha (α) , Beta (β) and Gamma (γ) Topics Covered: 1. ac and dc common base amplification factor (α). 2. ac and dc ...

2016-06-11 04:10 41,725 YouTube

Rahul Mahajan SUPPORTS Sonu Nigam for his “Azaan” Tweets”

Recently, Singer Sonu Nigam has landed himself in trouble after hurting religious sentiments through his tweets. TV entertainer Rahul Mahajan, who was in news f...

2017-04-2101:28 4,345 Dailymotion

Tujha Tu Majha Mi Marathi Movie 2017 | Official Teaser | Lalit Prabhakar, Neha Mahajan

Free-birds Jay and Rajashree chase their dreams fearlessly, but end up on each other’s horizon leading to connections and complications that they can’t igno...

2017-05-2000:45 53 Dailymotion

Poonam Mahajan Vs SRK In Mumbai

Did you know that The Khan has now been attacked by Poonam Mahajan BJP MP from North Mumbai Central all for a small ramp near Mannat, The SRK Palace.? So what ...

2015-02-0401:04 158 Dailymotion

Sambhavna Seth ATTACKS Dimpy Mahajan with her SHOE - Bigg Boss 8 5th Janauary 2015 Episode Exclusvie

Sambhavna Seth ATTACKS Dimpy Mahajan with her SHOE - Bigg Boss 8 5th Janauary 2015 Episode Exclusvie...

2015-01-0500:52 1,133 Dailymotion

Comedy Nights With Kapil | Rahul Mahajan As Kapil's Mausi

Rahul Mahajan to play Mausi at Bua's wedding on Comedy Nights Rahul Mahajan to play Mausi in Kapil's Comedy Nights After having sailed well on humor with his 20...

2014-02-1400:55 468 Dailymotion