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Kevin Durant Sweats It Out Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Last week, Kevin Durant invited Sean Evans to the YouTube Space in L.A. for a special livestream featuring some of his favorite YT creators. For those who ...

2017-08-31 18:21 2,766,776 YouTube

Key & Peele Lose Their Minds Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

What happens when Hot Ones takes over your press junket? Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele found out as they did the rounds to promote their new ...

2016-04-28 14:11 8,388,677 YouTube

Vsauce and Sean Evans Test Spicy Food Remedies | Sean in the Wild

How do you make spicy food less spicy? With nearly 100 Hot Ones episodes under his belt, Sean Evans is in desperate need of an answer. Anxious to ease the ...

2017-09-26 14:15 1,235,461 YouTube

James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Following in the bold footsteps of Key & Peele and Banks & Steelz, James Franco and Bryan Cranston close out Season 2 of Hot Ones by becoming the third ...

2016-12-22 15:22 4,857,848 YouTube

Sean Evans Learns How to Make Sushi | Sean in the Wild

Culinary neophyte Sean Evans has learned how to scramble an egg and sear a steak, but now he's up against his toughest challenge yet. Does he have what it ...

2017-10-10 10:08 473,698 YouTube

Travis Kelce Gets Woozy Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


2016-09-3016:56 13 Dailymotion