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GM Online | Tracing the 3M Journey in India | Incredible Journeys Brands & Leaders: Ep 2 | CNBC TV18

In the 2nd episode of our special show GM Online - Incredible Journeys Brands & Leaders - Watch Debarati Sen, Director, 3M India & Lanka as she talks about ...

2017-09-05 20:44 993 YouTube

Hiring-business partnerships for digital world: Debarati Sen, 3M India | TAL 2017

Right talent continues to be the biggest business priority. Learn from the Devarati Sen, Managing Director at 3M about the fundamental pillars of aligning ...

2017-07-10 19:57 352 YouTube

Dr. Pavan Soni at 3M India 2016

Talk on fostering innovation culture, and individual creativity.

2016-04-25 23:33 1,144 YouTube

3M India 25th Anniversary Anthem

We've developed the "3M India Anthem" to commemorate our 25th anniversary in India. The anthem celebrates who we are, our strengths and achievements ...

2013-11-25 03:27 3,807 YouTube

3M India - Perfecting sound with LMS Solutions

Discover how 3M India uses LMS Simulation and Testing Solutions to bring innovative and lighter acoustic answers for the growing local automotive industry ...

2015-10-09 07:22 2,983 YouTube

3M Mobile Car Care Feature Autocar India


2017-05-2401:32 524 Dailymotion

3M Mobile Car Autocar India


2017-05-2301:17 448 Dailymotion

3M Mobile Car Care Feature Autocar India

Car detailing, Paint Restoration, Cars, Scratches, Dents, Crash, Car Paint, Car Maintenance, Car Wash, Car Care, Car Care India, Car Wax, CarCareIndia, 3M Car C...

2017-05-1702:08 265 Dailymotion

3M Mobile Care Autocar India


2017-05-2300:20 475 Dailymotion

3M India 25th Anniversary Anthem

3M India 25th Anniversary Anthem...

2015-04-2303:26 2 Dailymotion