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100,000 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL -- 10 More Examples of JR Smith's Comedic Genius (3rd VIDEO)

2017-07-14 4,252 53 118,898 YouTube

10 MORE examples of the largely unintentional comedic genius of J.R. Smith. MUSIC: "Sunday" by Otis McDonald "Ice Flow" by Kevin MacLeod Ice Flow Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License If you'd like to support the channel on Patreon: If you’d like to follow us on twitter: FEATURED CHANNELS: THE NBA STORYTELLER: Recognized as THE BEST basketball channel on youtube 2017. Official channel of NBA Basketball Storytelling..Telling stories of the NBA that Illuminate the dark corners, reveal the lost hidden or misplaced narratives, and shine fresh light on the well known Classics. All whilst seeding the masses with our slow drip of implicit intention so we can together achieve our ultimate objective (which shall be revealed in season 2) SCOT SHOT BASKETBALL: This channel is here to help you become a better basketball player. Given how the game of basketball has changed, the ability to shoot the ball has become even more important than before. This is true at all levels of the game from High school to the NBA. Although it is true that everyone "has their own shot" it is also true that the best shooters share some common techniques in their shots. This channel will show you these key elements to shooting a basketball.

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