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मसाला दूध | How to make Masala Milk | Best Masala Milk Recipe | MadhurasRecipe

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Please take a moment to like and subscribe ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ MadhurasRecipe Marathi Whatsapp Number - 9112934976 Masala dudh is a popular Indian drink. In Maharashtra it is made for Kojagiri Pournima. This pournima comes after navaratri. There is tradition to remain awake late night and then offer naivedya of masala dudh to moon. Then have it as Prasad. This milk tastes awesome during cold winter. Let’s see how to make masala dudh. Ingredients: • 2 cups Milk • 2 tbsp Sugar • 8~10 Almonds • 10~12 Pistachios • 3~4 Green cardamom • Nutmeg / Jaiphal • 7~8 Saffron strands Method: • Take milk into a pan and heat it. • Add sugar and stir well. Sugar should dissolve. • Boil milk for 8-10 minutes more after sugar is dissolved. • Take almonds, pistachios, green cardamom into a blender jar. • Blend everything into fine powder. • Grate nutmeg into the powder and blend once more. • Dudh masala is already. • Add masala into boiling milk and stir well. • Add saffron and mix well. • Boil for another 4-5 minutes. Masala dudh is already. • You can serve this hot milk. • You can enjoy this hot masala milk on any other day or when you are not well or you are having cough and cold. Tips: • Pistachios should be plain one. Do not use salted pistachios. • Saffron gives nice color and flavor. Click for detail Recipe - recipe/marathi-video-recipes Visit Facebook page - For Business inquiries please email us on Subscribe to my other channels Madharasrecipe MadhuraRecipe Style MadhuraRecipe Quick For more Such Videos सत्यनारायणाचा प्रसाद | Prasadacha Sheera | MadhurasRecipe | राजगिरा वडी | Rajgira Chikki | Navratra Special Recipe | MadhurasRecipe Kadakani काकडीचं सांदण | How to make Kakdiche Sandan | Cucumber Cake | Easy Indian Sweet Kothimbir Vadi Lal Bhoplyacha Halwa पंचामृत | How to make Panchamrut | Panchamrut (Sweet & Sour) | MadhurasRecipe Gopalkala | MadhurasRecipe उकडीचे मोदक | Tri colour Ukadiche Modak | Ganesh Chaturthi Special Recipe नारळाच्या वड्या | How To Make Narali Vadi | Coconut Burfi Recipe | MadhurasRecipe

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