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Celebrities You Don't Want To Meet In Real Life

2017-08-12 7,983 1,226 1,486,997 YouTube

If you're new, Subscribe! → Learn more about celebs treating fans like trash→ True stars possess an irresistable charisma their fans can't get enough of. But while they might be all smiles for the cameras, some can be total monsters to their fans. They say "never meet your heroes," but for these celebs, you're about to find out why it couldn't be more true… Martha Stewart | 0:16 Billy Corgan | 0:58 Britney Spears | 1:22 Madonna | 1:48 Adam Levine | 2:23 Toby Keith | 2:45 Tommy Lee | 3:21 Lance Armstrong | 4:04 Read more here → Celebrity Secrets The Real Reason Alicia Keys Stopped Wearing Makeup 4 Strange Secrets Will Smith's Family Tried To Hide Why Hollywood Dropped Catherine Zeta-Jones Stars Who Are Only In Relationships For The Money Celebrities Who Treat Their Employees Like Trash Sketchy Things About Brad Pitt That Everyone Just Ignores Website → Like us → Follow us → Instagram → Pinterest → Nicki Swift is the top source for all the best dirt and juiciest gossip on the celebs you love...or love to hate. Want video lists of all the best celebrity secrets, reality show scandals, and stories behind the biggest Hollywood stars? Nicki has the answers. Want to know just who Nicki Swift is? There's only one way to find out...

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