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A Weekend in the Life of a Professional Home Cook (day 1)

2017-01-24 3,658 151 280,709 YouTube

My life revolves around cooking. Making cooking videos for you guys for a living, cooking for my family, cooking for my friends, or just cooking to relieve stress. I probably go out for food once a week and order food in around twice a month. Over time we lost the art of home cooking which has left people much less connected to the food they put into their body. getting in the kitchen and cooking your own food with love, no matter what skill level you are is the easiest ways to take back your health and your life! This is "the weekend in the life of a professional home cook" Day 1 02:50 - Ingredient Overview 04:16 - Kombucha 05:36 - Concord Grape Juice 06:53 - Break Down Chicken 08:53 - Chicken Stock 12:59 - Ginger, Scallion, Garlic Oil 13:47 - Ramen 15:00 - Crispy Chicken Thigh 16:54 - Late Night Popcorn butcher chicken- my kombucha recipe- All Music By Lakey Inspired

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