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RV-10 Wings - 033 - Finishing Ailerons - Affording a plane - Aileron Mistakes

2016-11-22 236 0 6,543 YouTube

Van's Builder ID: #41638 Patreon Campaign: Hi guys! So in this video I finish the Ailerons! I show the work necessary to bring the second, right aileron to completion. I talk about a valuable lesson that I some how forgot during the process when I show a minor mistake regarding the right aileron. Don't forget that the left and right ailerons are 100% mirrors! At some point I forgot that. And finally I talk to how to afford this. I had a great question posed by someone in one of my other videos on how to afford this whole shebang and I give my notions on how to go about that. Not exactly scientific but hopefully it will help you guys understand my thinking anyway. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to afford this stuff.. maybe you guys have thought of something that I haven't! I got a tad long winded so if you want to skip around here are some time hacks; "How to afford it" - starts at 2:25 "Mistakes" - starts at 14:40 Finally thanks a ton to all my supporters, you guys are awesome.

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