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Let's Go Creeping - FNAF Animated Music Video

2017-10-01 54,421 1,251 2,423,577 YouTube

We are very excited to share our latest song just in time for Halloween: Let's Go Creeping! I have been having a lot of fun singing these fun songs and I hope you enjoy watching them! Thank you to Weebl for animating, songwriting, and mixed the audio for us! What do you guys think of it? Be sure to leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video. If you want to see more animations make sure to SHARE! Thanks for watching! Visit my shop! ► Let's Go Creeping - Single by iHasCupquake - Available now on iTunes! ► Animated by Weebl! ► Let's Go Creeping - FNAF Animated Music Video Let's Go Creeping Lyrics: I've got a new job Perfect for a girl like me. I mostly have to sit around and watch this big TV My only problem's being alone Now what's this that I see OH MY GOSH is that someone? I think we've company! Hip hip hooray Gonna make a friend today well it's night time I don't care I that someone over there? Oh it's just you Oh what to do? Back to work we go now Who's that creeping Around these dark corridors? It's ok there's no need to be afraid There's only been a few murders Here we go now Walk the halls now I'm being followed There's no one there Round the corner Nearly there now Just keep walking Don't be afraid Who's that creeping Around these dark corridors? I don't want to be here no more I don't want to be here no more Nooo oooh I've quit my new job It was no fun you see You can keep that shirt and hat I'm driving home for tea do do do di do do doo La la la la la laa LAAAAAHH! Let's go creeping Kick down the doors While Red just sits and snores Unaware that we are coming for him OooH! *Evil laugh*

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